Update 14-11-2016:
SACLA`16 AUTHORS and PARTICIPANTS can now obtain the published versions of their
own papers from Springer-Verlag for the next four weeks via either of the following two links:

Update 1-11-2016:
The SACLA`16 conference proceedings are now available: see
Update 7-7-2016:
The SACLA`16 conference has come to its end, and the authors of the presented papers have already received instructions about how to prepare the revised final versions of their papers for the Post-Proceedings book to be published by Springer-Verlag (CCIS Volume 642). The informal Booklet of Abstracts (updated: now also including authors' email addresses) can be found under the 'Programme' tab of this web site. Moreover, also a photo web page has been set up for all participants who wish to download some nice souvenir photographies from the events in Cullinan. Last but not least: hopefully we will see many of you again at SACLA`17 NEXT YEAR!
Update 1-7-2016: Registration is now CLOSED, and everything is well prepared. See you soon in Cullinan!
Update 8-6-2016: Registration is now open.
Update 31-5-2016:
Notifications of Acceptance/Rejection have been sent out to the authors today.
The conference's programme of presentations will appear soon at this website.
Update 11-5-2016: Title and topic of Bob Travica's invited lecture: "Teaching Informatics in North America: Jugglers Wanted"
Update 9-5-2016: The title and topic of Martin Olivier's invited lecture at SACLA`16 is: "On the Morality of Teachning Students IT Crime Skills"
Update 15-4-2016: We have reached a cordial agreement with the well-known Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) about the co-location of a JCSE Workshop at our SACLA`16 Conference. The JCSE Workshop will have the highly important topic "The IT Skills Shortage in South Africa", which will surely attract a number of important visitors to the event. This topic is certainly relevant also for the many academics who are going to attend the SACLA`16 conference. From an 'academic' point of view the JCSE Workshop is 'internally autonomous' with its own committee, its own list of speakers, its own publication, etc. We thank the JCSE for this amicable agreement, and we look forward to the mutual benefits of this JCSE/SACLA`16 co-location of events. For further information about the JCSE Workshop at SACLA`16 please contact Adrian Schofield in Johannesburg.
Update 31-3-2016:
This SACLA`16 Conference is dedicated to the remembrance of HARTMUT EHRIG, a great teacher of theoretical computer science, who passed away on the 17th of March a few days ago. The PC Chairman of SACLA`16 had been a young postdoctoral research fellow at Hartmut Ehrig's TFS department in Berlin at the turn of the millenium sixteen years ago.
Update 28-3-2016:
A submission deadline extension can be granted upon request.
Please do not hesitate to e-mail Stefan Gruner for this purpose.
Update 11-3-2016:
Bob Travica will be the conference's second keynote speaker.
His lecture will be scheduled on the second day of SACLA`16.
Update 8-3-2016:
Martin Oliver has been won as the conference's keynote speaker.
The topic of his invited lecture will be announced in the near future.
Update 22-2-2016:
The first paper-submission has arrived! We are looking forward to receiving many more...
Update 27-1-2016:
Many thanks to IITPSA, the Institute of Information-Technological Professionals in South Africa,
for sponsoring our SACLA'16 conference for the benefits of all of our participants. Any SACLA'16
participants, who are not yet IITPSA members: please consider to join IITPSA as a professional
Update 24-1-2016:
Via ResearchGate you can now ask questions or post comments about SACLA'16, and find new friends.
Update 22-1-2016:
SPRINGER-Verlag has agreed to publish the revised post-proceedings of SACLA'16 after the conference.
The book shall appear in the CCIS series, which is one of the newer 'sister series' to the classical LNCS.