About SACLA'16

The 45th Annual Conference of the Southern African Computing Lecturers' Association.
Since 45 years, the Southern African Computing Lecturers have been holding annual meetings to discuss contemporary matters in the context of lecturing computing in tertiary education. The SACLA series is thus one of the most long-standing conferences in our fields of computer science and informatics, though the series was internationally not widely known in its earlier years. During the course of its history, the SACLA series evolved from initially very informal gatherings to formalised and peer-reviewed conferences, although still with a rather regional Southern African character until not so long ago. At SACLA'16 however, we wished to open our windows and doors much wider, to make the SACLA series attractive for an international audience anywhere in the world. This move was a rational consequence of the notoriously ongoing 'globalisation' of our world, which means that problems –and their solutions– cannot be contained easily within national or regional borders any more. For this reason, we have systematically internationalised our programme committee –with almost 50% percent of our Programme Committee members residing overseas– and we distributed our Call for Papers internationally via various widely recognised communication channels, thus encouraging experts from all over the world to submit their topic-relevant papers to our internationally peer-reviewed event. What remained constant, however, in spite of this new move towards internationalisation, is the original motivation of the very first SACLA meetings more than forty years ago, namely: to provide a forum at which lecturers of computer science and informatics can discuss contemporary issues of lecturing these subjects at tertiary education level. To facilitate further international networking, the SACLA'16 conference was co-located with the CSERC'16 conference, whereby registered participants of each conference were allowed to visit the sessions of the other conference, too. The proceedings have been published in CCIS 642 and can be obtained via http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319476797.